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What is Edge Blending?

You might have heard the phrase edge blending used in relation to projectors. The feature is easy to understand – it simply involves two projectors creating a single, larger image. Unlike other efforts to create large displays such as using video walls, projector edge blending results in a massive seamless image – with no edge, gap, or interruption to the display. It can be used to produce brilliant and stunning images. They allow for the display to be in the highest quality, despite its large size. These days the technology is present in all kinds of projectors, even in those with an ultra short throw which are mounted very close to the projection surface.

Edge blending technology has found itself in use across industries, including for educational, entertainment, and corporate purposes. One example of this can be seen in DIB’s installation for Concord School. Here, edge blending was used across two Epson G-series projectors to create a single vibrant image that was large, despite the room’s limited space. As demonstrated from the images below, divided horizontally, each Epson G-series projector created one half of the final image. The two are seamlessly blended together by the technology.

edge blending concord school

Edge blending at Concord School – the two halves of the image are combined to create a massive, brilliant, and uninterrupted image

Another case of edge blending can be seen at St Petersburg College in the United States. Here, three Epson Z-series projectors were combined to create a massive presentation screen. The need for an ultra bright image that was in high resolution was met using the technology. The result is an immersive 580 inch display that stretches across the front of the space.

edge blending st petersburg college

Edge blending at St Petersburg College

Edge blending is just one of the many features of Epson’s newest laser projector range – the EB-L1000 series.

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