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epson edge blending

Using Edge Blending to Create Unforgettable Experiences

In this blog post, we will look at the variety of ways edge blending technology has been used to deliver dramatic results. Consistent across these examples is the stunning and immersive displays that can be created using edge blending, delivering powerful experiences to their audience.

When used for entertainment purposes, edge blending can be critical in creating an impactful and immersive experience for your audience. Gaps in the image will disrupt the viewing experience and dampen its influence – edge blending works to eliminate these issues. Further, edge blending is critical to achieving the best image quality and highest brightness by combining the output from multiple projector units. One case of edge blending for this purpose can be seen at Xian Chanba National Wetland Park in China. Here, 10 Epson projectors were used with edge blending to create a seamless 360° circular screen. The result was a powerful viewing experience.

Xian Chanba National Wetland Park edge blending epson

Edge blending to create a 360° circular screen at Xian Chanba National Wetland Park

For projector mapping, brightness is often of the greatest importance. An image will often need to be projected across an entire building, while remaining bright enough to stand out against the external environment. For these situations, edge blending with multiple projectors is the perfect solution. It facilitates the creation of a massive image without sacrificing image quality or brightness. The result is an impressive display that will pop out against the night sky. Shown below is an example of mapping with edge blending for the opening of Ilyama Station in Japan. The displays from 13 Epson projectors were blended to create the experience.


Both of these edge blending examples use Epson products. Epson are number 1 in the world for projectors, and there is good reason for this. Their versatile range features a product that is suitable for virtually every imaginable use and setting. Their projectors provide a great viewing experience across the board, with colours three times brighter than leading competitors. Brighter colours make images on Epson projectors pop, resulting in vibrant and impressive displays. This is one of the many reasons we find ourselves frequently recommending Epson projectors at DIB Australia.

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