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Custom CommBox goes Mobile

Having just completed the testing on the Custom Commbox panel at DIB, we took some quick photos in our warehouse to show you what’s possible with Commbox.  

Apart from the impressive CommBox Classic 75” LED Touch Screen (model CB3075L) mounted on the CommBox motorised stand (CBMOB6085), what makes this a little bit different is the CommBox Soundbar (2x12w), which is mounted above the screen. This not only aesthetically looks better, but according to our technicians, also produces a better sound than the side-mounted speakers that are typically installed with a CommBox system. The Commbox soundbar is suitable for 60”, 75” and 85” models.

Alongside this aesthetically pleasing CommBox Soundbar, a Joey 9 control panel was installed, with inputs for HDMI, USB, VGA and Audio to quickly and easily connect devices to the CommBox screen.

CommBox Joey 9 control panel with Inputs

CommBox Joey 9 control panel with Inputs

Also optioned for this CommBox panel was the 3 year onsite warranty from CommBox, (as compared to the regular 1 year, back to base warranty). This not only gave our client a 3 year warranty, but also provides service within 2 business days, onsite.


For assistance with your custom audio visual requirements or for further information about CommBox, contact a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant today. Phone (03) 9457-4800 or contact us