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Lumens LC200

Lumens LC200

Cooking up a remote food technology lesson.

Remote learning in food technology has become an important topic in recent months.

In the 1950’s cartoon, Richie Rich took delivery of a Smell-o-vision from his fathers high tech manufacturing business.

From flowers to fires to food, the Smell-o-vision made for some entertaining times for readers of the comic.

And whilst we are not ready to announce the launch of Smell-o-vision, you can now bring your food technology lessons up close and personal for remote learning with students.

With the current pandemic raging around the world; and Australians being warned to stay in their homes, it looks likely that students will be studying remotely next term.

DIB Audiovisual has been a pioneer in the design, installation and service of remote learning environments, since 2014.

And on an even longer scale, we’ve been helping schools and organisations deliver a high tech learning environment for close to twenty years.

And new recording and streaming tools are bringing the ability to deliver lessons in subjects such as food technology where you need a range of equipment as well as the lesson plans to be visible to the students.

The Lumens LC200 recorder, for example, is an amazing product that allows the user to capture and record multiple video sources, and livestream to three separate sites at the same time.

Lumens LC200 and remote learning

Lumens LC200

Partnered with high quality cameras and microphones, specifically designed for your space, and your food technology lessons can be brought to life.

Lumens PTZ and remote learning

Lumens PTZ

ELP-DC21_240 and remote learning


CV610-U3_Angled and remote learning


Call DIB Audiovisual now, and we can get started on the design of a system to support your food technology lessons.

We’re looking forward to helping you cook up a storm for your students.

Call (03) 9457 4800 or send an email to info@dibaustralia.com.au