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Hitachi 65″ Interactive Flat Panel Display

The new Hitachi LED Touchscreen combines the power and versatility of Hitachi´s StarBoard software with the crystal clear image quality of a 65" high-definition flat-panel display also with an optional built in PC, which eliminates the need for connecting to any external sources, simply walk in and turn on.... Read More »

TouchIT Outdoor – IP Rated LED Screens

Looking to use an LED for outdoor signage or for an outdoor touch applicaton? No problem. Would you like to use digital signage in harsh environments such as at the beach where there are high salt levels or in open exposed areas with bright sunlight? No problem. The TouchIT range of outdoor products will suit your needs.... Read More »

TouchIT WIS – Wireless Interactive Touchscreens

TouchIT "WIS" adds an extra dimension to your interactive LED screen. Rather than only having front of class or front of boardroom interaction, you now have whole room interactivity. Available in sizes from 46" right up to 80" - the TouchIT WIS is able to cater for any size classroom environment.... Read More »

CommBox – 75″ LED Full HD Portable Touch Table / Trolley

Check out this latest adaptation of the class leading CommBox touch screens. Here we see the 75″ LED FULL HD touch screen coupled with a Gilkon motorised trolley which enables lay flat touch use as well as typical presentation mode with the screen vertical. As the CommBox screens have a commercial chassis with toughened glass […]... Read More »

OneLan Digital Signage – Solving the Content Dilemma

Over the years we have worked with many digital signage system and they have all had their strengths and weakness's. A common weakness or limitation for many of them though has been the user interface and software that user have had to learn in order to keep the content up to date. ... Read More »

BrightSign Digital Signage

For great value and robust digital signage, it’s hard to go past BrightSign. These small solid state players can not only operate as networked or standalone devices, but they store their media on solid state SD Card memory and run on a robust purpose built OS. The most basic products can still support RSS feeds, […]... Read More »

2Touch 84″ 4K LED Touchscreen

The all-new 84” LED interactive surface is the latest in interactive technology. Ideal for any environment that’s looking to engage their audience the massive 84” LED surface provides users with touch screen control over their computer via the shared surface. ... Read More »

2Touch Interactive LCD Panels

The 2Touch integrated LCD touch panel provides users with the touch precision of an interactive whiteboard combined with the definition of a full HD LCD screen. The 2Touch LCD uses a commercial grade panel integrated with our own 2 Touch optical touch solution. This enables a superior touch capability and greatly enhanced usability compared with […]... Read More »