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Classroom Installations

Woodwork classroom projector at Mary MacKillop Regional College

Over its many years Mary MacKillop Regional College has consistently provided quality education outcomes to its many students in South Gippsland, Victoria. The school boasts an experienced teaching staff, modern facilities, and an expertly-crafted curriculum that is grounded in the Catholic faith. There is a focus on the development of the whole person, allowing Mary MacKillop College to truly equip their students with skills and knowledge to serve them across all aspects of their lives.

DIB Australia were brought in for the installation of projectors in the school’s technology and woodwork rooms. School projectors can be just as useful in tech classes, like woodwork and metalwork, as they are in traditional classrooms. As always, they allow teachers to create more engaging lessons and demonstrations through the employment of electronic content like videos, images, and diagrams. This can be a valuable asset in tech classes, allowing the teacher to clarify concepts, demonstrate techniques, and save time.

An Epson EB-585W ultra short throw was installed in each of the two tech rooms. The EB-585W is designed especially for use in schools, with a bunch of useful features for teachers and students alike. This includes the ability to connect wirelessly to the projector. Image quality is also great with the EB-585W. It projects a display that is easy to read from all angles with colours that are three times brighter than leading competitive offerings.

woodwork classroom projector system

Epson EB-585W in the technology room

The DIB team installed HDMI and VGA ports so that a variety of devices could be connected to the projector systems. A JED T440 six button wall control panel was installed with each projector. These make it easy to turn the projector systems on/off, control volume, and select from the different sources. These panels are clearly labelled and super easy to use. Thanks to special sensor technology, they’ll even turn off the system if it is accidentally left on overnight to help save power and lamp life.

JED T440 control panel and HDMI + VGA inputs

JED T440 control panel and HDMI + VGA inputs below the projector screen

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