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EPSON EB-535W library audio visual installation

Intuitive Vermont Library Audio Visual Installation

DIB recently completed an audio visual upgrade for Vermont Library. THe library is part of the Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library Corporation, who are a previous client of DIB. Click here to read about the DIB team’s meeting room installations for the Box Hill branch of the Whitehorse Manningham Library.

The projector chosen for this library audio visual installation was the EPSON EB-535W short throw projector. The EB-535W is a high performance projector, providing a crisp clear resolution with minimal shadows and glare.

In the modern day and age, libraries have established themselves as providing a range of services, above and beyond just lending books. Most offer computer access and other technology hire. It is important that these technologies are simple and intuitive to use. Misuse is one of the greatest barriers to successful implementation of technologies to any space.  Therefore, with every DIB installation our consultants work hard to ensure that the AV system is easy to use without the need for training.

The upgraded library system also included a set of high quality speakers. These speakers include a modern ‘auto power’ feature meaning that they only draw energy while in use and have no issues with buzzing or humming.

To achieve this, DIB included a Joey Micro control panel with the projector system. This popular control panel from CommBox was configured with the essential functions needed to operate the system. This includes volume control, turning the system on and off, and selecting display source.

As part of the library audio visual upgrade, the DIB team also designed and installed the system so that the projector could be connected with via HDMI or VGA + audio. This way a different people with a variety of devices can all connect to and use the projector.

HDMI and VGA inputs for library av install

HDMI and VGA with audio wall inputs

For assistance with a library audio visual installation or your custom audio visual requirements, contact a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant today. Phone (03) 9457-4800 or contact us.