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The full system at Mentone Girls' Grammar

The full system at Mentone Girls' Grammar

Various installs in seven Mentone Girls’ Grammar spaces pt.1 (Projectors)

Mentone Girls’ Grammar is a trailblazer in girls’ education, earning a world-class reputation and a track-record of success since 1899. Mentone Girls’ Grammar aims to empower girls to strive for excellence and to shape them into global citizens who have the skills, capabilities and mindset seize opportunities and to make a difference. The school continues to be progressive, outward-looking and contemporary in their educational methods, fostering inclusive and diverse environments where girls can not engage in top-quality learning, but are supported through their learning journey.

DIB worked with Mentone Girls’ Grammar in installing new equipment inside seven classrooms. Five classrooms received received new projector systems and two received new monitors.

This article will cover the projector installations. Click here for pt.2 Touchscreens!

The full system at Mentone Girls' Grammar
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Installation process

Inside five classrooms, the Epson EB-1450Ui Interactive Projector was installed. These interactive projectors revolutionise the traditional classroom space, featuring finger touch and pen interactivity that allows users to interact with the displayed content. This makes the classroom a more engaging, hands-on environment. The projector’s 3,800 lumens of brightness output also helps generate more vivid, vibrant images which is essential for interactive use. Another important featutre of the projector include split screen functionality, which allows images from two input sources to be projected simultaneously. This can be used with the Apple TV, which is another resource teachers can use during lesson plans.

While the projector also features a bundled control pad for easy operation, DIB also installed an Extron MLC62 wall control panel. This panel makes it easier to use the new system by isolating the system’s important functions and assigns them to user-friendly buttons. The panels are usually set up to include buttons that turn the system on and off, select the source to be projected and control the volume.

For audio reinforcement, DIB also installed an Epson 30 watt speaker system. Featuring two 15 watt speakers, this system can carry sound from the projector and fill the entire room, ensuring everyone can hear the audio being played.

DIB fitted multiple input plates: a USB save plate for the user insert a USB memory stick as required to save content directly from the projector system; a USB input plate for interactive display; and a HDMI/VGA and audio input plate for many connectivity options.

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