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Uplifting vision for an old church

Brighton’s Trinity Uniting Church has a history stretching back to 1875 when the church was considered central to the area’s social and spiritual life. Today, the church is regarded as one of Brighton’s historic gems and is still in use daily as a place of worship and social gatherings in the local community. In a series of blog posts, we’ll show you how DIB Audio Visual helped transform this local historic gem.

To fill its multi-purpose role, the church needed to upgrade its ageing audio-visual system to a more dynamic solution. Familiar with the work DIB Audio Visual had done for another church in the area,  the church’s management committee turned to DIB for advice on upgrading their existing AV technology.

Caring for a Historic Gem
Of prime consideration was ensuring that the historical aesthetics of the 144-year-old building were not compromised by the installation of large AV screens, cabling and equipment. A particular concern was the large ornate pipe organ behind the altar. The church management committee was eager to ensure this was not impacted in any way by the installation of the new AV equipment. In addressing these concerns, DIB’s solution consultants assessed the ambient daytime light levels of the church and the reflective qualities of the interior walls. Their advice was that the church’s interior walls could be used as a projector screen, provided a projector with sufficient power was installed as the main projector.

Brighton’s Trinity Uniting Church was built in 1875. The church’s management committee wanted to avoid unnecessary impact on the building’s historic interior. 

The Vision and the Power
To fill the church with vision and light, DIB AV selected EPSON’s powerful EB-L1300UNL high-performance projector complete with WUXGA FULL HD resolution and 8,000 ANSI lumens of brightness. The projector provided more than enough power to tackle the tricky ambient light and pale reflected walls. The projector was mounted high on a wall at the rear of the church to hide it from view. Due to the long distance from the projector to the wall to be used as the projection screen, EPSON’s standard middle throw zoom lens (G7000/Laser) was paired with the projector to bridge the gap. DIB also manufactured and installed a customer shelf to house the projector out of harm’s way.

To avoid placing giant projector screens on the church walls, DIB Audio Visual consultants used the interior walls as projector screens. 

This is only part of the story of how DIB AV helped transform Trinity Uniting Church’s AV system. In our next blog post, learn how DIB’s consultant’s designed the Church’s AV system to be more user-friendly.