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EPSON ultra short throw projector installation

Ultra Short Throw Projector Installation Modernises Melton Secondary College Library and Classrooms

Melton Secondary College is one of the finest and best established schools in the Western suburbs, catering to over 800 students. The school has a highly developed curriculum and strong teaching staff.

The school wanted to install a new projector in their library and upgrade two classroom projectors and brought in the DIB Australia team for the job. A DIB audio visual specialist worked with the school to design the right solution for each space. For the classrooms, EPSON EB-535W projectors were chosen, while the library received a more advanced EPSON EB-585W. The 585W, along with EPSON’s top-of-the-line projectors, features an ultra short throw design. This modern design has the projector sit right above the projection surface, close to the wall. This means that the projector is out of the way, even more so than a short throw one, and that teachers won’t cast disruptive shadows over the image when presenting. Furthermore, seeing as the 585W projects from above, presenters won’t experience any annoying glare when at the front of the room. Both projectors provide a bright, high quality image that is perfect for the classroom.

The library received a complete audio visual solution including a JED six button wall control panel, 2 high quality EPSON speakers, along with the projector itself. For the classrooms, the installation took advantage of existing cables, brackets, and speakers and the DIB team simply integrated the upgraded projectors into these systems. Where suitable, this approach is great as it saves the school money and allows them to utilise a modern projector without having to overhaul the classroom’s entire AV. In this case, the EB-535W projectors were able to be installed onto the existing mounts coming down from the ceiling in each classroom.

The EPSON EB-535W projector

The EPSON EB-535W projector


JED T440 Six Button Wall Control panel for library projector

JED T440 Six Button Wall Control panel

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