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The Thomas Carr College Gym gets an AV transformation

Thomas Carr College aims to educate their students with an appreciation of the spiritual as well as the intellectual and physical aspects of their lives. They aim to work with students’ parents to produce young people of faith and character.

DIB was part of the Thomas Carr College Gym’s complete transformation. Not only did it receive new speakers and AV equipment, the whole facility underwent a complete refurbishment.

Before photos:

The gym has looked the same way for years, Thomas Carr College felt it was time to give their facilities an upgrade. Expanding to a double gym meant more space for students.

thomas carr college

It’s time to update a gym when you can have flashbacks to your own PE lessons from 20 years ago. Not the sort of impression you want to leave on people.

thomas carr college

Updating the gym also gives students access to the latest features in both a gym and the space as a school hall.

During the refurbishments: Everything must go to make way for the new

thomas carr college

DIB was involved throughout the refurbishment process. Working with the other contractors meant we could fit our AV schematics around the refurbishments, making them more integrated with the new design.

thomas carr college

Adding our AV equipment at the end would result in unsightly cables and trip hazards. The more that’s exposed in a gym means more that can be damaged unintentionally by exercising students.

Cables were hidden to reach every corner of the gym while keeping out of sight. It worked in well that we were contacted for an AV upgrade the same time as the refurbishments.

thomas carr college

Custom cages were manufactured for speakers and projectors. The last thing anyone wants is for all this hard work to be undone by a stray ball hitting a projector.


thomas carr college

The Thomas Carr College Gym is more than just a gym. Projectors and speakers mean the gym can also be used as a hall for school meetings, presentations, or to work out based on an instructional video.

thomas carr college

Both projectors and speakers are housed in secure cages to protect them from any stray balls that might hit the roof of the gym. The cages were a unique part of the install specific to the needs of the room.

thomas carr college

Drop down projector screens were installed so screens are only visible when in use. The roll up design removes the possibility of the screens getting damaged during physical activity, keeping the pristine white background clear.

thomas carr college

Cable management has also been factored in, with easy access to plug in all your conventional ports, from microphones to HDMI.

All equipment for volume control, balance, and visuals is housed in an accessible box just outside of the gym. The housing is secured with clear paneling and a lock to keep out curious probing pupils.

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DIB worked with Thomas Carr College to create a specific solution to their refurbishment needs.

We can work with your team to do your own custom install. Our team will assess the needs of your space and design a solution specific to your organisation.

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