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A pair of Epson EB-G6250Ws were chosen with long-throw lenses to provide the expected image quality on the 200" Grandview Motorised SmartScreen.

Orchard Grove Primary School – Overcoming Architectural Hurdles

Orchard Grove Primary School’s values tell you all you need to know about the engaging and creative environment that it provides for children in its care; Respect, Valuing Diversity, Integrity, Working Together and Fostering Growth. It’s a school of choice for its community and provides excellent academic results.

Orchard Grove’s team recently wanted to enhance the use of their gymnasium and convert it into a Performing Arts Centre (PAC). There were several challenges that had to be overcome to make this work; the building itself has a high-domed roof line which makes it difficult to secure a projector safely and without it moving. It was also going to be too expensive to use rear projection or a group of LED screens, and if a single projector was to be mounted on the back of the hall, the image wouldn’t carry to the front very well.

Orchard Grove photo 3

The solution was to use two projectors mounted at the rear of the centre projecting the same image onto the screen. The overlapping image meant that brightness and clarity would significantly increase due to the ‘stacked’ projector solution. The reliable Epson EB-G6250Ws were chosen for this with long throw lenses to give the kind of image quality and size required from their positions. These projectors, coupled with a 200” Grandview Motorised SmartScreen, ensured an image that was not only impressive due to its size, but also produced a fantastic quality image.


As the PAC was quite a large space, a high quality Turbosound sound system was selected so that not only would people sitting at the rear of the room be able to see the screen without an issue, but also have no trouble listening to the audio. Sennheiser wireless microphones were combined to give the ability to project a voice throughout the space clearly and effectively.

A custom lectern with an inbuilt gooseneck microphone and laptop shelf was also provided for the occasions when the PAC would be used for special school events and guest speakers.

Then finally, the school opted to use a JED (T460) simple 4-button wall control panel to ensure that the system was easy to operate and that there was no risk of losing remote controls.

Glenda Harry, the Principal says, “DIB Australia’s solution, served all our requirements in a cost effective and simple way and has provided us with a brilliant setup that’s both easy to use and highly effective.”


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