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Gym at Siena College gets the good stuff – New Epson EB-Z11000 (Z-Series) projector

Siena college is an independent, Catholic, secondary school for young women, founded by the Dominican Sisters in 1940.  Located in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Camberwell, it is a consistently high-performing school. Being a medium-sized school, it continually provides a contemporary learning and teaching environment. Having served the school community for almost 8 years, when the school wanted to upgrade their AV system in the gymnasium, they contacted DIB Solutions Consultant, James Ridd to assist with the design.

The main display chosen for the upgrade was the Epson EB-Z11000 (Z-series) projector. With a bright 11,000 lumens it produces a high quality, bright image in a space where lots of ambient light is present. The Epson EB-Z11000 was securely installed within a Gilkon, Z-series protective cage. This prevents any stray basketballs or other sports equipment hitting and damaging the projector.

Siena Gym - Epson EB-Z11000 projector (med)

Epson EB-Z11000 projector in protective cage

A brand new 180-inch Grandview Motorised SmartScreen (16:10 ratio) was installed to provide a large viewing area for the Epson EB-Z11000 to project onto. This provided a vivid display area for all students to enjoy when the AV system is in use.

Grandview Motorised SmartScreen 180 inches (GRSG180C)

Grandview Motorised SmartScreen 180 inches (GRSG180C)

This AV upgrade now allows staff and students at Siena to enjoy the benefits of the high-specced Epson Z-series projector, helping assist staff and guests to create high quality presentations and meetings within the gymnasium for many years to come.

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