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St Peters Toorak

St Peters Toorak

Catering for all who want to listen – St Peter’s Toorak

Catering for all who want to listen

In any religious service, an important element is listening to the words from the holy book or listening to sermons from the priest.

For some, a hearing impairment can stand in the way of enjoying these messages or the fellowship itself.

This is why DIB Audiovisual is always proud to be chosen by the leaders of a church or their appointed architects and designers to assist with projects like that recently completed at St Peters Catholic Church in Toorak.

Construction began on this beautiful bluestone and sandstone building fronting Toorak Road in 1876. The interior offers attractive stained glass windows and timber work.

The Church is currently undergoing substantial restoration works of which our audio and hearing augmentation work was a part.

This project included a full system of microphones, speakers and a hearing augmentation loop in both the main chapel and also the smaller Peter and Lady chapels.

Here are some standout elements of this great project:

1. Installing an advanced Beyerdynamic beam steering microphone system with microphone stand for priest chair. Model: Classic RM 31 SP. This high quality microphone has the ability to directionally pickup up to two separate speakers at an optimum distance of 40-80 cm from the microphone position. Two speakers can move freely up and down and side to side with minimal impact on the pickup ability for the microphone within its pickup corridor.

Beyerdynamic beam steering microphone

Beyerdynamic beam steering microphone

2. Installing Extron DMP 128 Audio Processors. These processors simplify the installation to control level, dynamics, filters, delay and loudness of the various microphones in the installation.

Extron DMP 128 Audio Processor

Extron DMP 128 Audio Processor

3. installing Community ENT-FR high performance column line source loudspeaker systems. The ENTASYS FR high-performance three-way column line source loudspeaker system is designed for permanent installation in applications such as auditoria, airports, train stations, conference centres, houses of worship, stadium concourses and museums.

ENTASYS FR high-performance three-way column

4. Installing an Extron 7″ touchscreen control panel. The touchscreen panel is wall mounted and included setup to provide very intuitive simplified control of the audio visual system for all users.

5. Installation of a hearing augmentation loop including a Dual channel loop amplifier. This allows connection to the existing audio system, ensuring programme/announcements are heard by loop users.

All in all, this was a very satisfying project working in a beautiful house of worship and creating a system that will allow everyone who comes to a service, irrespective of their hearing ability to partake in the fellowship and message of the service.

For more information on how we can help on your church building audiovisual system, please call DIB Audio-visual on (03) 9457 4800.