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Philips UHD-Line, 86" 4K UHD Commercial monitor

Philips UHD-Line, 86" 4K UHD Commercial monitor

The tradition of excellence continues at PLC

PLC has been renowned as a leader in girls’ education for over 140 years.

The school passionately believe that for their students, every opportunity should be explored, any goal is achievable and that every girl has her own excellence just waiting to be found.

On the subject of excellence,  DIB Audiovisual was tasked with an upgrade of existing projectors for the school in their Year 12 centre.

An innovative document camera product – the EPSON ELP-DC21 Visualiser was installed into multiple classrooms. This flexible product enables users to turn their existing projector into a fully interactive Education creativity tool.

Projector with EPSON ELP-DC21 Visualiser

Projector with EPSON ELP-DC21 Visualiser

With a bundled advanced application software, an incredible zoom module, and a built-in microphone, users can take advantage of features such as live annotation, video recording with audio, image capturing and the time lapse function.

These document cameras bring each room opportunity for a whole new learning experience.

In addition to these upgrades DIB Audiovisual designed and installed a high quality monitor and sound system into the schools Y 12 commons area.

This included a Philips UHD-Line, 86″ 4K UHD Commercial monitor.

Philips UHD-Line, 86" 4K UHD Commercial monitor

Philips UHD-Line, 86″ 4K UHD Commercial monitor

As well as a  Wireless – Sennheiser Evolution G4 – Handheld, Super Cardioid – microphone system and multiple Community commercial grade loudspeakers, ceiling speakers and amplifiers.

We also installed and Extron MLC55 Simplified 6 button wall control panel, and an ICON Audio Wall Control Panel Supply and Installation.

This upgrade will support the school’s education program for some time to come, bringing sound and light to the schools vision for their students education.

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