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Technology revamp with EPSON EB-G6270WNL for Lavalla College

Lavalla Catholic College, located in Traralgon, believes that in order to provide a first-class education it is necessary to keep up with technological advancements. Lavalla is renowned for embracing educational developments in order to maintain their status as a high performing academic high school. Lavalla College engaged DIB Australia to update audio-visual equipment in their Kildare Campus Hall. A DIB audio visual specialist designed an upgraded system to increase the audio and visual quality of the hall.

The problem:

The Kildare Campus Hall is a beautiful big multi-function space. Whilst the school wanted to enable audio-visual capabilities it would also be used as a sporting court, auditorium and stage. The hall has an extremely high ceiling which meant that a regular projector placed on a long pole from the ceiling would be unsuitable as it would be unsightly and in danger of being knocked by sports balls. However, the distance behind the proposed screen was very short. This challenging circumstance was easily overcome by the creative thinking and audiovisual design skills of the DIB Australia team.

The solution:

In consultation with the College DIB implemented the EPSON EB-G6270WNL projector to enhance the halls AV capability. The EPSON EB-G6270WNL projector was selected as it has an extremely high brightness which allows for crystal clear image projection. This is advantageous as the image quality from the projector used during school hours will not be compromised in daylight. The projector has split-screen functionality and is able to be connected via HDMI, VGA and Audio.

Additionally, the DIB team installed an EPSON ELPLU01 G6000 lens to the projector to enhance the image and effortlessly transform the Epson projector capability to make it a high-quality short-throw image. This allowed the DIB team to overcome the space issue and place the projector behind the screen. This ensured the projector was both protected, functional and aesthetically pleasing rather than an unsightly projector in the middle of the halls high ceiling. The ELPLU01 G6000 lens allowed a close mount to the screen without compromising the size or quality of the image.

The EPSON EB-G6270WNL projector. Source EPSON

To compliment the new EPSON EB-G6270WNL DIB also installed a state of the art ScreenTechnics 150″ rear throw motorised projection screen. This high-quality screen provides an impeccable white backdrop to enhance the bright colours produced by the projector. The ScreenTechnics screen was compatible with the projector placed behind the screen. The screen is specifically designed to allow light to travel through it enabling quality reverse projection.The screen has a sleek, contemporary design and can be operated easily.

SceenTechnics 150″ Projection Screen.

An HDMI plate and a VGA and Audio plate were also installed to allow a wide range of connectivity. Installing these two plates ensures an easy connection between both older and newer style laptops to the projector. DIB also integrated the existing audio system to the new visual equipment for a complete audiovisual experience.

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