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The full system at St John Vianney's

The full system at St John Vianney's

St John Vianney’s staff room fitted with new LED panel

St. John Vianney’s prides itself on not only providing a high quality education, but fostering a vibrant, faith-centred learning community where students feel safe and supported as they engage with a comprehensive, thorough curriculum. St. John Vianney’s focuses on literacy, numeracy and religious education, taught by highly dedicated and professional teaching staff who always have the students’ best interest in mind. St. John Vianney’s enjoys modern facilities which further enhance the educational experience for the students. As such, the school appreciates the importance of having up-to-date IT facilities for both their students and staff.

To this end, St John Vianney’s worked with DIB to install a new LED panel for their staff room, creating a more AV friendly space for teachers.

65" Philips Commercial Lite monitor at St John Vianney's
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Installation process

Inside the staff room, a 65″ Philips Commercial Lite monitor was installed, wall-mounted using an LED wall bracket. Featuring full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, this monitor is notable for its high brightness, displaying vibrant images that can be seen in all lighting conditions. This monitor is not only versatile and can adapt to the needs of the space, but is aesthetically pleasing, looking good in any environment.

For audio support, a pair of Kramer stereo speakers were installed. This two-way, 30W speaker system is perfect for filling the entire space with audio, ensuring that sound can be heard by everyone in the room.

DIB also installed a OneLan standalone player, which can be used to provide digital signage for the monitor. This multi-media player can play video, animations, stills, text and audio at a HD, 720p resolution, featuring a drag & drop design, as well as a TV/Video streaming option.

For a more user-friendly AV experience, a Joey Micro 6 wall control panel was installed. These panels take the important, most used features of the system and makes them easier to access. This makes the system easier to operate. The panels come with buttons that turn the monitor on and off, whilst allowing the user to select which source they want to be displayed onto the monitor.

Users are given a wide range of inputs to which they can connect their devices, from the monitor’s own HDMI/VGA inputs to a separate HDMI input plate fitted by DIB.

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