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Easy-to-use AV systems require careful design

Easy-to-use AV systems don’t just magically work, they take careful design and planning. At DIB Audio Visual, we are obsessed with creating simple user operation. For our team, there is no such thing as too simple.

Above: Ivanhoe Grammar, Middle Years Lecture Theater ( Features installed by DIB include lecture capture and control upgrade)

At DIB we view simplicity as the intersection of functional customer needs with clever design. This ensures the user experience is intuitive and functional.

The key to creating simplicity in Audio Visual design is restricting or burying functions which are not commonly used. This ensures that the controls that the user needs are right in front of them, instead of buried in confusing menu options. DIB designs control systems so 80% of commands that a user engages with appear on the home screen as default (See image below).

In order to create an intuitive design, the DIB team gets into the headspace of users. This allows them to understand common issues which cause individuals to stress when trying to operate the AV system.

In this way, DIB combines their people skills with their tech-savvy abilities to create simple AV design solutions. The images featured in this article are evidence of this simple, thoughtful design.

Above: This control interface is not only located alongside where users stand, but is designed to provide direct access to the commands they use 80% of the time and to default to their most common requirements.

Above: DIB thinks of the small but significant details, like the inclusion of a preview monitor which faces the presenter from the rear of the theater. This shows the ‘mode’ of recording so the user can easily operate from either end of the theater. This is an example of an intuitive design which helps give users confidence in the operation of a system.

Grandview Skyshow – double motorised screen in the lowered position when in use.

Lesson Capture – Lumens VC-G30 PTZ Camera ceiling mounted at the rear of space

The deliberate design included Extron USB active extension so teachers can save lesson capture direct to their personal USB once the lecture was finished.

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