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Seventh Day Adventist Church gets a new AV system

The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Ferntree Gully worship as a congregation every Saturday, and hold Bible Study Groups, Children’s Sabbath School, and Church Services.

DIB worked with the church to upgrade their church hall projector to something more modern. The new installation has high quality image output and works with modern connection cables.

The Church had a new Epson EB-G7905UNL installed with a middle throw lens for perfect image clarity when offset from the screen by a couple of metres.

The Epson EB-G7905UNL has a powerful projector light full of vibrant colour, that keeps a clear image even in the brightest conditions.

Middle throw lenses are the balance between short and long throw lenses, requiring image clarity whilst still projecting a large image from a short distance.

The brackets for a projector set at a middle throw distance need to be sturdy to reduce any vibrations that could influence the image quality of the projector, and to ensure the projector does not get moved and offset from the projector screen.

The controls for the new AV system are simple and intuitive. Any common PC or laptop can be plugged into the projector though the installed faceplate. The projector supports both HDMI and VGA with a 3.65mm jack for audio, the same as any standard auxiliary cord for playing music.


DIB worked with the Seventh Day Adventist Church for the best church hall layout possible. This wouldn’t have been possible without cooperation with the other contractors and a focus on a quality AV setup right from the start.

We can work with your team to do your own custom install. Our team will assess the needs of your space and design a solution specific to your organisation.

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