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A solution for a simple lamp replacement

It was another day at the office for the service technicians at DIB, when they got a service call from a regular client. They required a replacement lamp for one of their Epson projectors.

Being a larger school with many classrooms, this was a potential problem that could happen to any number of projectors. Through a combination of creating an on-site stockpile of lamps for commonly-used projectors at the school and DIB Australia having stock of lamps, the challenge of a getting a replacement lamp was something that wasn’t a problem any more. This solution helped prevent any waiting time for a replacement lamp to be sourced.

This approach could also be done at a small to medium school, by keeping a smaller number of 2-3 lamps on-hand to prevent the challenge of having a inoperative projector, due to a faulty lamp.


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DIB Australia are an Epson Premium dealer.