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Kramer to the image rescue! (fixing the issue of HDMI cables that drop signal)

A common issue that many schools and organisations have is image dropout or “flaky” images from a HDMI connected via a flylead. This can be very frustrating, as it can cause all types of image problems. The route cause of this issue is cables being bent, twisted or damaged, creating loose connections which send the signal to the projector or LCD panel. This problem can also be attributed to the use of generic or low cost HDMI leads, which are not high quality and over time can be the cause of the problem (not the connection).

This can easily be rectified, by using a high-quality Kramer K-Lock HDMI cable. This unique cable has a clever locking system that grips the HDMI connection both on the inside and outside

To download a brochure on the Kramer K-Lock cable, click here

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