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Fixing Projector Alignment Issues

Having a projector out of alignment can be frustrating; particularly if you are a high profile government agency. This was the exact AV issue that one of our clients was having, when they called DIB Australia. As the projector was in a high visibility area, the importance of this service call was placed as urgent.

Once it was determined that a technician was available, our DIB technician set out the same day to attempt to resolve the issue. As with many projectors that are mounted on the ceiling, height access is a factor that was discussed to ensure a prompt resolution to the problem was attained. Once onsite, the DIB technician was able to successfully adjust the alignment of the image from the projector and test it with staff, to ensure it met the clients requirements. The client was appreciative of the prompt and efficient way the issue was handled.

Depending on the projector model and it’s installation location, the process of image alignment can be done using the remote control that came with the projector or manually with adjustment of wheels or knobs that are located on the projector itself. As projector models vary widely, please refer to your projector’s instruction manual for exact adjustment instructions, particularly if using on-screen menu options via the remote. However, not all projectors have simple to follow instructions for this process and often a physical adjustment of the actual projector itself is required. If you are not 100% confident in this process, it is best to contact a qualified AV technician to ensure you get an image that is both level and aligned correctly.


For assistance with your faulty AV system or equipment, you can log a fault here or call DIB Australia on (03) 9457-4800.