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Fix No Sound from VGA input

Having no sound for your presentation can be a real hassle, particularly if you have video content as many speakers would. These simple next steps could help fix your problem, so there isn’t the disaster you’re thinking will happen!

Firstly, if there is a control panel involved in the AV system, check that the correct source has been selected (ie. VGA/PC) Note; all AV system are different, so check this carefully.

Next step is to check is the connections from the laptop/PC to the wall plate/connection point to the display device. Most AV systems will have a plug-in point at a lectern or wall plate in a room, for laptops or PCs. Make sure that the audio (3.5mm jack) is plugged in. This is something that is often forgotten, as plugging in the VGA connection is only the visual part of the signal.

Once established that this connection is into the appropriate input on the device, you can then check similarly that the VGA plug itself is connected securely and not loose at either end of the connection. If unsure, you can screw in the threads on either side of the VGA connector to make sure it’s snuggly in the input.

Another simple check is the volume control on the device itself. By simply checking the laptop’s volume level, you can see if it’s set at a high enough level to transmit the sound. If by adjusting the laptop volume, you can then hear sound, this was the source of your problem.

If these few steps haven’t helped, then it’s time to test cables. If you use another VGA cable (which you know works) and this fixes the problem, then you can determine that the first cable was faulty.

If you are still getting no success, then it may be worth checking the volume levels (in a larger space, like a theatre), haven’t been changed.

From here, there may be something within the AV system that is causing sound issues with your VGA input. At this point, it would be best to get a qualified service technician to find a solution, by checking and testing the system for other causes for the fault.

If you have issues with no sound from a VGA cable or any other AV issue, you can log a fault log a fault here or call DIB Australia on (03) 9457-4800.

For assistance with a your custom audio visual requirements, contact us or you can call a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant on (03) 9457 4800 or email: info@dibaustralia.com.au