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Fix Faulty control panel


Simplicity is the key in the design and installation AV installations at DIB Australia. In many instances, a control panel is part of the AV system and creates an easy-to-use interface for the end user to control the system. This is all very good and well until it stops working.

So what can you do if you have a faulty control panel?

  • First thing is to check that the power hasn’t been switched off to the main display (LCD or projector). This can be easily overlooked and could save you a technician’s service fee.
  • The other check is to make sure that power is coming to the room, by checking lighting or power outlets within the space.
  • Next, check that power to the control panel hasn’t been switched off.

After completing these simple steps, there could be other issues as to why the control panel isn’t working. If you are technically minded, then you could investigate the next two point; if you have any doubt, it is best to contact a qualified service technician.

  • The power connection could be coming loose behind the panel, therefore no signal is reaching the hardware to execute commands.
  • Another issue could be a faulty power unit itself. This is also in behind the control panel.

At stated before if you are don’t have a technical background or are unsure in anyway, it is best  that a qualified service technician come and make the appropriate checks to determine the fault, replace any necessary parts and test the system to make sure it is all working properly.

The last factor might be a changed projector or LCD panel into the system. In this case, the control panel would need to be re-programmed, so that it can “talk” to the new hardware in the AV system. This would also require the expertise of a service technician to address this scenario.


If you require help with a faulty or inoperable control panel, call DIB on (03) 9457-4800
or you can log a fault HERE