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Faulty HDMI issue solved at Camberwell Grammar

A member of staff at Camberwell Grammar had just called DIB Australia in regards to an issue they were having with HDMI input plates in a few rooms. It was diagnosed that there was a faulty plate/connection. They had heard about bullnose plates and wondered if this would solve their problem. It was agreed on by our service technician that this would be a suitable AV solution for the space and the problem they were having. An agreed time was made and the service technician went onsite and installed the bullnose plates to fix the problem in the four rooms. The installation of the bullnose plates solved the problem of faulty HDMI connection and helped prevent the HDMI cables from being bent or damaged.

What is a bullnose plate?
These are unique curve-shaped plates that protect HDMI connections being damaged. The connection to the flylead is secured behind the wall and then the cable comes out through the bullnose plate. There no visible connection on the outside the plate, other than the end of the HDMI cable. If the flylead does need replacing in the future, the bullnose plate can be removed and a new HDMI flylead fitted.


Lindy Bullnose Plate

Bullnose plate protects HDMI and other cables from being damaged


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