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Epson EasyMP for Projector Monitor & Control (grouping/management)


Epson EasyMP is making things easier for the IT Manager at your school…

With the following features, Epson projector software is making time-consuming tasks a lot easier.

Monitoring of projectors on network including
Power status (On/Off)
Receive problem alerts (via icons)
Lamp operating time (lamp life)

Epson Multi-PC Projection - Projector Status - DIB Audio Visual

Monitoring of projectors on network

Control ability
– Switch input sources
– Change settings in projectors configuration settings
– Turn power on/off (automatic scheduling)
– Timer Settings for regular time-activated actions

Epson Multi-PC Projection - Timer Settings - DIB Audio Visual

Timer settings for projectors

Other features
– Ability to monitor over 1,000 Epson networked projectors
– Preventative Maintenance, including temperature levels and error alerts
– Schedule filter and lamp timer settings
– Email notification of alerts to your handheld device

Epson Multi-PC Projection - Projector Status - DIB Audio Visual

Projector Status, including error notification

> Create a new group of projectors (group projectors for easier monitoring)
> Detailed list view of each projector
> Message Broadcasting
– Fire Evacuation (sends exit map to projector in each room)
– Slideshow for an Open Day or Special Event
– JPEG of the Day’s events at the school

Epson Multi-PC Projection - Projector Grouping - DIB Audio Visual

Projector Grouping capability to assist management of projectors

Allows you to
>> Update Firmware or schedule update of firmware
>> Copy Projector menu settings from one Epson to another (same model)

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