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epson eb-585w library conference room

Epson EB-585W projector

School library audio visual upgrades for Melbourne Girls’

DIB worked with long-time client Melbourne Girls’ Grammar School to upgrade three learning spaces. AV upgrades can bring new life to classrooms and are critical to providing the  best resources and facilities for students. As part of these works, DIB handled audio visual upgrades of the school’s library and theatre. Click here to read about the upgrade to the school’s theatre. The library conference room and open research area each received new projectors along with other audio visual components as necessary.

In the library’s conference room, a new EPSON EB-585W Ultra Short Throw Projector was installed. This projector provides a fantastic viewing experience, producing bright and highly detailed images that can be easily viewed from all over the space. The projector’s ultra short throw design helps to achieve this bright image while minimising shadows and glare. The design also results in a neat and clean appearance, with the EB-585W sitting just above the projection surface.

Some of the school’s existing audio visual equipment was reused in the new installation such as the JED control panels, and the existing cabling was rerouted to the new locations. Where upgrades were taking place or products were obsolete, the DIB team handled the removal and recycling of the old equipment.

JED T460 control panel for school library audio visual upgrade

JED T460 control panel

The existing JED T460 control panels were reprogrammed to fit the new systems in both locations. These panels continue to hold their own among other options, providing a simple 4 button interface through which users can control all the essential functions of the projectors. Their LCD screens make it clear which function is being performed and what the system is doing.

Epson EB-G6270W projecting onto130" screen in library

Epson EB-G6270W projecting onto the 130″ motorised screen

For the open space research area, a larger Epson EB-G6270W projector headed the upgrade. Like all modern Epson projectors, the EB-G6270W reaches state-of-the-art image quality producing colours that are three times brighter than those of leading competitive products. A 130″ motorised projector screen was installed from a recessed ceiling box. With this design, the projector screen lowers and retracts through a thin gap in the ceiling. Not only does the recessed box helps to achieve a clean aesthetic, it also means that the projector screen is out of the way and safe from damage when not in use.

The recessed ceiling box through which the projector lowers and retracts

The recessed ceiling box through which the projector lowers and retracts

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