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school hall projector installation

High Quality School Hall Projector Installation for Our Lady of Mercy College

Our Lady of Mercy College is an all girls secondary school located in Heidelberg, Melbourne. The school’s goal is to ‘pursue excellence in all we do’ and this is achieved through the their caring and experienced teaching staff, strong learning culture, and expertly crafted curriculum. DIB Australia were engaged to outfit the school’s hall with a brand new projector.

A DIB consultant worked with the school and acessed the space to design the perfect audio visual solution. An EPSON EB-G6270WNL was chosen for the school hall projector installation. This is a high performance projector that is especially designed for larger venues such as school halls. It projects in widescreen resolution while maintaining fantastic image quality and strong brightness. This is important for school halls where the image needs to be large very while still being sharp and bright enough to see under some degree of natural light. EPSON projectors come with three times brighter colours than their leading competitor – one of the many reasons they are DIB’s favoured provider of projectors for schools and business.

EPSON EB-G6270WNL for school hall projector installation

The EPSON EB-G6270WNL projector

ScreenTechnics ViewMaster PRO measuring 150 inches was installed for the EPSON EB-G6270WNL to project onto. As part of the custom DIB audio visual design, the screen had a black canister so that it would blend with the space when not in use.

A JED T460 four button LCD wall control panel was installed to let staff easily control the system. The JED panel has the essential buttons for turning the system on and off, selecting its source, and controlling volume. The LCD screen’s display helps to clarify what state the system is in and which function is being performed. At DIB Australia, we always work hard to ensure that even the most technologically advanced audio visual systems are still simple and intuitive to operate.

The JED T460 control panel and projector inputs below

The JED T460 control panel and projector inputs below

The DIB team worked to integrate this new school hall projector system with Our Lady of Mercy College’s existing audio system. This helped to lower costs for the installation, taking advantage of the hall’s existing speaker system.

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