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Classroom Installations

Sacré Cœur Classrooms are treated to an AV makeover

Sacré Cœur College is an outstanding school which caters to students aged Prep to Year 12 in the Sacred Heart tradition. The College’s “spirit of endeavor” and focus on holistic education practices lies at the heart of this tradition and enables students to be well-rounded, independent learners. Sacré Cœur College located in Glen Iris, is a leading educational institution which provides a comprehensive curriculum and engaging teaching staff. It uses the latest technology in order to educate girls to be competent in our tech-based society.

Sacré Cœur College engaged the team at DIB Australia in order to develop a customised technology refurbishment for several of their classrooms. DIB developed nuanced solutions for each classroom in order to specifically meet the requirements of students studying different subjects in different year levels.

Installation process

For instance, in Classroom V09 DIB carefully selected the Sony Pro Bravia 75″ ULTRA HD 4K Commercial TV with Android. This screen with an impressive 75″ and is perfect in order to engage students in classroom power points and educational videos. The installation in this room was completed with the installation of an HDMI Input Plate, Apple TV 32 gig and 2 x Kramer 30 Watt 2-way Stereos. These features control the classrooms system, enable connectivity and provide high quality sound to match the crisp visual quality. This installation is ultra high-tech and covers any potential educational methods. Additionally, DIB relocated and reprogrammed the Joey Micro Control Panel to work the new system.

Joey Micro Control Panel.

In Classrooms T6 and S11 slightly different products were selected. Instead of the Sony Bravia TV, a EPSON EB-696Ui FULL HD 3,500 ANSI Interactive Finger Touch Projector was chosen for these classrooms. The EPSON EB-696Ui allows for bright display as well as the ability to retract and provide whiteboard space in the classroom. As well as the top of the range EPSON EB-696Ui, accompanying products like an Apple TV 32gig, an HDMI Input plate and 2 x Kramer 30 Watt 2-way Stereos.

EPSON EB-696Ui Projector.

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