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PA system at Preston West Primary School

PA system at Preston West Primary School

PA System upgrade at Preston West Primary

Preston West Primary aims to provide a safe, stimulating and supportive space that help students reach their full potential in all aspects of their schooling experience – academically, socially and personally. With a rich history of educational excellence, the school is committed to nurturing students in an environment that gives them the opportunities for participation, leadership, goal setting and problem solving, supplemented by a challenging and engaging curriculum, instilling a lifelong love of learning. 

Preston West worked with DIB Australia on revamping their outdoor courtyard PA system. DIB listened to the needs of the client, who emphasised that the gear remain centrally located near the main office area. With this in mind, DIB created a plan based on these needs and adjusting them accordingly. In the end, DIB designed a solution that would best fulfill them.

Installation process

For this project, a pair of outdoor rated XRS8ODV speakers was installed. This high performance speaker system is coupled with the existing school PA system. Additionally, a zone isolation setup was done so that the school can use these particular speaker easily when they are needed. A microphone socket was installed in the hallway for hard wired microphone use, should it be needed in the future.

DIB also advised the school that an additional amplifier was needed because the current PA system was above capacity. This amplifier would alleviate the load of the primary amplifier, so that the PA system works to the best of its ability.

outdoor rated XRS8ODV speakers at Preston West Primary School

Outdoor rated XRS8ODV speakers

A dual handheld wireless microphone system designed for outside use was installed. These two Mipro ACT30H Cardioid Dynamic Handheld microphones are perfect for outside assemblies. Additionally, an outdoor speaker isolation switch, which was custom programmed, was installed. This provides convenience because the switch can turn off the rest of the school PA speakers and only feed audio to the courtyard speakers so that during assembly audio is only carried within the courtyard.

two Mipro ACT30H Cardioid Dynamic Handheld microphones at Preston West Primary School

Two Mipro ACT30H Cardioid Dynamic Handheld microphones

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