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Penrose Promenade Community Centre (Wyndham City Council) – Flexible Community Rooms with Epson EB-1945W projectors

Wyndam City Council is located 30 minutes from Melbourne and encompasses Werribee, Point Cook and surrounding areas. Over the years DIB has provided AV solutions and installations on various projects for Wyndam City Council. DIB were asked to assist with the design, supply and installation of an AV system for their Community Centre on Penrose Promenade. This was achieved by working closely with the Project Managers from Wyndham City Council, Dura Constructions and electrical contractors to get an excellent coordinated result on the project.

Penrose Promeade Community Centre - Community Rooms (Epson EB-1945W, ScreenTechnics 120 inch motorised projector screen)

There were two specific areas as part of the project which required AV installations. They were a group of three community rooms and a double-space Training Room.

Simplicity in these spaces was critical, as the user group can vary greatly; from local groups and businesses to public meetings. As with all DIB installations, an emphasis is placed on creating easy-to-use systems and in this project that approach was critical to the success of the functionality and usability of the rooms.

The AV installation between the three community rooms needed to be versatile enough to create AV within one large area or for each of the three rooms to be used independently of each other, when divided by the folding walls between each space.

To simplify the control of the AV system, a Joey Lite MkII Control panel (24 button) was used to create an easy-to-use interface within the Community Rooms. By having one control panel to engage all aspects of the system, makes it straightforward for anyone to use.

Penrose Promeade Community Centre - Community Rooms (Commbox Joey Lite Control Panel - 24 buttons)

As the space can get a lot of ambient light at various times of the day, an Epson EB-1945W projector was chosen for it’s bright 4,200 ANSI lumens output. For protection and security, a cage was installed to house the projector. To finish off the projector component of the install, a well-designed ceiling box was recessed into the ceiling to house the ScreenTechnics 120”, (16:10) motorised projection screen, creating an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The location chosen for the AV rack was in an adjoining store room, so it was out of the way. Inside the heart of the AV system was a Panasonic Bluray player, a Set-Top box (for Free-to-Air TV) and an Australian Monitor Mixer/Amplifier (AMIS250) to provide power for both speakers and microphones in the system. Another unique feature that was included in the AV rack was an Environmental Controller. The main function of this equipment is to switch off all equipment in the system when it is not in use. This serves two purposes; to conserve power consumption and not having equipment operating for extended periods of time.

Penrose Promeade Community Centre - Community Rooms - AV rack (Australian Monitor AMIS250 mixer amp)

To enable music to be playing across the Community Rooms, an AUX input for an iPod/MP3 player was installed. The AUX input for the system was designed to be a stand alone function, allowing ease of use for those who just required audio playback in the space.

Quality Dual Cone Speakers were installed flush into the ceiling tiles in the roof and included Ceiling Baffle to help reduce “noise bleed” between rooms when all three rooms were being used.

A lectern was also included for presentations, in which a Lectrum L20S, was customised to incorporate a wireless microphone, allowing the lectern to be placed where needed within the room. An extra microphone socket was included as to provide a backup to the wireless microphone system or as an additional microphone input for the space.

Penrose Promeade Community Centre - Community Rooms - Lectern (Lectrum L20S)



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Training Room installation

Penrose Promeade Community Centre - Training Room (ScreenTechnics 100 inch motorised projection widescreen)

The Training Room divides into two-zones and was not dissimilar to the Community Rooms in it’s configuration. The main difference in this space was that there was no lectern or AUX input included as part of the system. In this space, the AV rack was mounted to the wall, as there was no storeroom like there was in the Community Rooms.

The same attention to detail was required and to create a space that was easy-to-use for a different groups with varying levels of technical skills.

Penrose Promeade Community Centre - Training Room (Epson EB1945W projector)

Penrose Promeade Community Centre - Training Room (LG BP125 Bluray Player)

Penrose Promeade Community Centre - Training Room (Australian Monitor - AMIS120)