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Grandview Screen - Williamstown North Primary School Gym

Grandview Screen - Williamstown North Primary School Gym

Matching Light and Sound in the Gym for Williamstown North Primary

Williamstown North Primary School is a dynamic and inclusive learning community that aims to promotes personal excellence, critical thinking and empowerment.

Williamstown North Primary School is a coeducational primary school, serving years P-6, based in Williamstown Victoria.

Established in 1874, Williamstown North Primary School or “Willy North” as it is affectionately known, is located in a residential area of the historic seaport of Williamstown, within the City of Hobson’s Bay.

Many of our students are the children or grandchildren of past pupils and a sense of continuity and communal belonging is reflected in the school’s active involvement with the local community.

The school places high value on its rich heritage and the interaction with the broader community and reflects this in school programs.

When the school wanted to add a visual system to an existing audio system in their Gymnasium, they called on DIB Audiovisual.

As with all large, well lit spaces, gymnasiums can pose special challenges for a professional audiovisual system, if you are to get it right.

At DIB Audiovisual, we love the technical challenges presented by Gymnasiums and we’ve become quite adept at delivering a high quality outcome for our clients with these spaces.

The first order of business is to do detailed measurements of the space, identifying where best to place screens and projectors. We need to understand throw distance from projector to screen in order to select the right projector in terms of brightness, and also the right lens for focussing the image well.

In this instance we specified an Epson EB-L1490UNL high-performance projector complete with WUXGA FULL HD resolution and 9,000 ANSI lumens of brightness. We paired this to an EPSON Lens – G7000/Laser –  which is a long throw zoom lens (LL08).

Grandview Screen - Williamstown North Primary School Gym

Grandview Screen – Williamstown North Primary School Gym

Security Cage for Projector

Security Cage for Projector

A Grandview SmartScreen 200″ 16:10 Projector Screen completed this system.

Along with a JED (T460) Four button LCD wall control panel. These panels simplify operation of AV systems and do away with the need for complex and easily lost remote controls.These panels are typically setup to include buttons such as On/source selection, Off and Vol up and Vol down buttons. These panels will even turn a system off automatically if it is accidentally left on, saving lamp/projector life and power.

Finally, we like to take care of our projectors and a security cage protects against wayward objects such as balls being thrown at the unit and causing damage. Inevitable in a busy space used for sports and exercise.

DIB Audiovisual also matched this new visual system with an existing sound system already installed at the gym.

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