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Korowa’s New Chapel – Hidden AV system produces BIG results

Having worked with Korowa Anglican Girls School over several years, when the planning for their new Administration building started, DIB Audio Visual were called upon to help consult the AV needs in the new Chapel space.

This new facility was carefully designed and closely consulted with the staff at Korowa. A hidden approach to the AV system was taken, whereby the system would be minimally noticed (hidden) when not in use, but be impressive and powerful when required.

Korowa Anglican Girls School - Grandview 150 inch motorised screen - Chapel Refurbishment (med)

Hidden Grandview Skyview 150 inch motorised screen

For the main display, the Epson Z series projector (model EB-Z10000), with a powerful 10,000 lumens of brightness and Full-HD resolution was selected and partnered with an impressive 150-inch Grandview Skyshow motorised screen. The screen was carefully recessed into the wooden timber in the ceiling of the chapel and then mechanically lowers out of the ceiling into the optimum viewing position when required. The presentation area at the front of the chapel was provided with an impressive Lectrum L20S lectern and Bayer Gooseneck Microphones, embossed with the school emblem for speakers, staff and presenters to use.

Korowa Anglican Girls School - Epson Z series projector Z10000 - Close up - Chapel Refurbishment (med)

Epson Z series projector EB-Z10000 goes almost unnoticed on high chapel ceiling

Korowa Anglican Girls School - Lectrum L20S Lectern- Chapel Refurbishment (med)

Lectrum L20S lectern / Bayer Gooseneck microphones

To supply a minimalistic, yet powerful sound experience, the Bose Panaray series speakers coupled with a BOSE professional power amplifier and Bose Panaray subwoofer were installed to deliver high quality sound throughout the chapel. The subwoofer location was carefully planned and hidden beneath stairs at the front of the space.

Korowa Anglican Girls School -BOSE Panaray speakers - Chapel Refurbishment (med)

Bose Panaray 502 series speakers

Very high attention to detail was paid to the planning and layout of the Extron TLP Pro 720M, 7” touchscreen control system. It was designed to provide users with immediate, simple access to the setup they require and then advanced control of items like audio, as required. This control system could also be mirrored with an iPad, allowing the flexibility to control the AV system from anywhere in the chapel. The result is a very simple to use interface for a relatively advanced AV system.

Korowa Anglican Girls School -Extron TLP Pro 720M - Chapel Refurbishment

Start page for Extron 7″ TLP 720M Control system

This project has given Korowa an excellent facility with a simplified AV system, providing a quality sound and vision experience for all events, both now and into the future.

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