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Hidden AV system in Gym Foyer at Roxburgh College

Roxburgh College is a large state secondary school, consisting of a diverse school community in the northern suburb of Roxburgh. The foyer area outside the gym is an area that the school wanted to utilise the space by projecting onto the wall above the entrance to the gym.

The main brief on the project is that they wanted an AV solution that would be prominent and effective when in use, but be hidden when not required.

A carefully designed AV system consisted of the EPSON EB-1985WU projector and Screen Technics Interfit 143030CX Projector Lift to to provide a bright 4,500 lumens, (Full-HD, WUXGA resolution), as well as “hiding away” the projector when it was not in use.

Epson EB-1985Wu projector on Screen Technics Interfit 143030CX Projector Lift – Open & Closed

A simple-to-use JED T460 control panel, along with VGA (+ audio) + HDMI, were cleverly hidden in away in a cupboard off to the side of the entranceway to the gym. This made it easily accessible, but yet hidden from sight, even when in use. Two Australian Monitor QF8 ceiling speakers were installed to provide audio throughout the space, as well as an Australian Monitor AMC+60 amplifier, to power the speakers.

Roxburgh college - Gym Foyer - JED T460 control panel - DIB Audio Visual (med)

JED T460 control panel & HDMI / VGA (+ audio) inputs inside cupboard

DIB have designed and installed a unique AV system which allows the College to project all types of multimedia to staff and students throughout the day in this high traffic area .

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