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Caulfield Grammar – Learning project – (Caulfield Campus) Greenhouse Meeting Room

As a commitment to the aspirations of 21st Century learning, Caulfield Grammar have developed Learning Projects at each of their three Victorian Campuses. These allow teachers to explore new learning technologies in specifically designed learning spaces to evaluate their effectiveness and possible application in future building works. Having dealt with DIB over many years for AV solutions and installations, Caulfield Grammar asked DIB to bring their expertise to assist in the design and installation of an AV solution for their new Greenhouse Meeting Room. As with many new building projects, DIB worked alongside the architects and electrical consultants to find the right fit & mix of products for the project.

 Caufield Grammar - Greenhouse Meeting Room - telyHD Pro (M)

As with other spaces in the Learning Project, there were specific needs that were required for this particular space. It was intended the space be used for the collaboration and sharing of ideas between staff and students, but also wanted it to be used as simple video conferencing interface between the Caulfield, Malvern and Wheelers Hill campuses. As a school that has heavily invested in Apple products, it was also important that the AV system worked effectively with products such as iPads and similar devices. Apple TV was integrated to help provide this connectivity. A HDMI connection was also provided by a Kramer Table box (TBUS-1A), which gave a central access point for flylead inputs (HDMI & Data) and two powerpoints for charging devices. These are cleverly designed boxes which retract cables into the box when not in use, preventing the age-old problem of missing cables!

 Caulfield Grammar - Kramer TBUS-1A  telyHD Pro + Audio Pod (M)

Caulfield Grammar - Kramer TBUS-1A Table Box (M)

For the Greenhouse Meeting room, a Sharp 70” LED panel was chosen as the primary display, which was nicely recessed into the wall. Various BYOD conferencing systems were tested to find the best suited technology. It was decided that the telyHD Pro, with the Audio Pod Video Conference option would be the used for Video Conferencing. This was predominantly because it worked very well, produced great pictures and was easy to call campus-to-campus (via SIP) or simply by using Skype. The Audio Pod was placed centrally on the table, which made for excellent audio quality during conference calls.


The Extron MLC62 control panel was chosen for simplified operation of the system, helping eliminate the need for complex and easily lost remote-controls.

DIB have worked hard with all parties involved in the Greenhouse Meeting Room project to produce a unique AV solution to meet the specific needs of Caulfield Grammar.

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