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Grandview Motorised Screen

Grandview Motorised Screen

Berwick Chase Primary sets a fast pace

Located in one of the fastest growing corridors in Australia, Berwick Chase Public School opened in 2009 with 140 students. It has grown as rapidly as the surrounding suburbs and now has over 880 students.

During its inaugural year, Berwick Chase Primary School was awarded the School Design Award for best Primary School.

The school states it mission as being to strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dreams.

A well designed audiovisual system can bring colour, light and motion to inspire those dreams in children and the team at DIB Audiovisual have a passion to do just that.

In this case, we were challenged to install a projection system in the school gym.

As with all large well lit spaces like halls and gymnasiums the visual and audio elements can be a challenge.

Large areas with hard surfaces mean that sound bounces around.

Well lit areas mean that you need a powerful and bright projector to provide an acceptable image.

Grandview Motorised Screen

Grandview Motorised Screen

And finally, big distances between projector and screen require the right lenses.

All of these challenges were confronted and solved by the DIB team with some smart design and a professional installation.

We specified a 12000 ANSI lumens projector – an EPSON EB-L1505UNL WUXGA 4K Enh.

And partnered this with a Standard middle throw zoom EPSON Lens – G7000/Laser -(ELPLM11).

A security cage to protect the projector, and a motorised 180 inch Grand View screen completed the install.

Projector in Security Cage

Projector in Security Cage

Along with simple to use Joey Micro 6 wall panels and an integration of these components with the existing sound system.

We’re sure Berwick PS will continue to grow as a school in coming years, and hope our work has
contributed in a small way to their positive learning environment.

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