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Bargoonga Nganjin becomes an AV wonder

DIB Australia is proud to announce our involvement in the development of the North Fitzroy Council, known as Bargoonga Nganjin.

We worked with the Yarra Council on almost every room of this $14 million job to implement cutting edge AV solutions.

Nothing was left out for the new library and the latest hardware was installed; from drop down projectors, to cameras, and the latest screens and interface panels in every room.

We worked on everything from seminar rooms to gaming corners for the kids. Everything in this architecturally designed space compliments the history and character of the North Fitzroy area.

Children’s Casual Reading

The children’s casual reading room was fitted with a large, curved display projector to improve visibility on the display from all angles, especially when children are sitting close to the projector screen.

EPSON EB-G6070W Large Venue Projector

Epson EB-G6070W Large Venue Projector with Lens Shift

The Epson EB-G6070W is designed to accommodate for both concave and convex displays, giving the impression of a curved screen as seen here in the children’s reading room.

The curved screen compliments the modern aesthetic of the building and fits within the existing space. A conventional TV or projector would require a flat wall and would not conform to the shape of the room.

Community Rooms

The community rooms were designed as a meeting space for large groups. Anyone from special interest groups to seniors groups can use the space to meet up, have conversations, and collaborate.

Motorised Smart Screen

The smart screen is synced with the Extron panel, when not in use the screen can lift into the ceiling to free up space in the community rooms.

The use of smart screens allows the community rooms to be more modular spaces. The displays drop down from the roof when in use, and are out of the way when not required.

EPSON EB-G6570WU 5200 ANSI Projector with Short Throw Lens

The short throw lenses can create a 130” screen from just two metres away. The intensity of the projector at such a short distance also reduces the glare and fade on the screen that traditionally comes with projectors.

Being able to house the projector so close to the screen also reduces vibrations on the picture that can come with projectors over a long distance.

Extron TLP Pro 520M 5” Touch Control Panels

The touch control panels were designed by DIB specifically for the community rooms. The easy to navigate displays can be used for selecting what gets projected on screen and even for recording presentations that take place in the space.

Extron TLP Pro 520M 5” Touch Control Panel

Audio and Vision Switching Hardware and Control System Integration

The two community rooms can operate independently or be combined into a single large room, with the audio from microphones and displays being projected over both.

Seminar Rooms 1 & 2

Similarly, the two seminar rooms can be used independently or combined as one large space. Additional emphasis was placed on the acoustics and usability in the seminar rooms. Both have been designed to be accessible from both the audience and presenter’s perspective.

Recessed Ceiling Screen Box

The recessed ceiling screen drops down between the two rooms when opened, creating a further space for displays and projections. When not in use, it rises back up into the ceiling where the collapsable walls fit in place.

Grandview Motorised Smartscreen 130” 16:10 Projector Screen

Epson EB-G7000W Large Venue Projector

The lens shift on the EB-G7000W allows the projector to be installed right next to the screen and project downwards without distorting the aspect ratio of the image.

The close fixture to the screen reduces picture quality loss that comes with vibration from brackets and makes the image quality more stable.

Capture Recorder

The capture recorder allows presenters to record their presentations in multiple displays. The can record themselves with the installed camera in the seminar rooms with their presentation next to them, or a picture-in-picture display with both themselves and their presentation on screen in the best possible picture quality.

Projector Lift

The projector lift houses the projector itself, and can lift up into the ceiling when not in use. The discreet housing also matches with the look of the seminar room, fitting with the design of the space when recessed for projection or lifted back up into the ceiling.

Projector lift for Epson EB-G7000W Large Venue Projector

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