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EPSON EB-1450Ui interactive projector at CGS

EPSON EB-1450Ui interactive projector

New interactive projectors for Caulfield Grammar library

With three campuses across Victoria, Caulfield Grammar School endeavors to shape students into forward-thinking, responsible students who are well-equipped for not only their future vocation, but for life in general. Caulfield Grammar consistently puts the education of their students at the foreground, influencing their commitment to having the best technological resources. As such, they actively upgrade and update their AV equipment, ensuring that students have access to the highest quality technology to further their learning.

DIB’s extensive working history with Caulfield Grammar meant that when it came to installing new equipment at the Malvern Campus, DIB was the right company for the job. The project primarily involved the installation of a new interactive projector in two library rooms.

Installation process

The EPSON EB-1450Ui interactive projector was installed in both rooms. These multi-purpose, interactive projectors are versatile and able to suit the needs of any space. They offer a more exciting, engaging alternative to the conventional whiteboard, blending the traditional with a myriad of new features. Students and staff are able to use their fingers or special pens to interact with the projector, allowing them to write notes on the projector as if writing on a projector. They can then save, print or email any notes or annotations directly from the printer. The projector not only allows students to be more hands-on and engaged in class, but it also eliminates the need for individual note taking. Teaching staff can use this technology to plan a more engaging, effective lesson that maximises often limited teaching.

EPSON EB-1450Ui interactive projector at CGS

EPSON EB-1450Ui interactive projector

The projector’s 3,800 lumens of brightness, along with its full HD capabilities, mean that any projected presentations and displays are immediately more luminous and brilliant. This is crucial when trying to catch and maintain the class’ attention.

To supplement the projector, a high quality vitreous enamel whiteboard was installed. These flat whiteboards have a ceramic type surface, which is perfect for interactive projectors. In addition to this, an Apple TV was installed and mounted atop the projector. This box provides another resource a teacher can use when teaching a class.

EPSON EB-1450Ui interactive projector and vitreous enamel whiteboard at CGS

EPSON EB-1450Ui interactive projector and vitreous enamel whiteboard

As DIB is big on simplicity, an Extron MLC62 simplified wall control panel was installed in each room. This wall panel simplifies the operation of the system as it combines all of the features in one place. These panels were set up to include buttons that turn the system on and off, control the volume, select the source to be projected, and toggle the whiteboard function.

A HDMI input plate, which was integrated with a USB input, was installed. This was to allow for a more local connection to the projector. Further, a USB save plate was fitted, allowing for the saving of whiteboard notes directly to a USB stick.

USB save plate and HDMI/USB input plate

USB save plate and HDMI/USB input plate

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