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Classroom Installations

New EPSON EB-685Wi for Eltham North Primary School

Eltham North Primary School is a medium sized public primary school located in the suburb of Eltham North in Victoria. Catering to 596 students from the area, the school “provides a dynamic learning environment that engages students to achieve their personal best by extending and supporting them in all interests and endeavours”. The educational programs offered at Eltham North Primary School are cohesive so that all children can grow and learn in a supportive environment. Eltham North also boasts comprehensive ICT facilities provided in each classroom as well as communal areas like the Resource Centre and the Multi-Media Information Communications Lab.

Installation process

Eltham North Primary wanted to create custom audio visual solutions for a few of their newest classrooms to provide consistently high-quality audio visual capabilities. As such, DIB and Eltham North Primary worked together to work out which products would best suit the needs of the school. The new EPSON EB-685Wi 3500 ANSI WXGA Ultra Short Throw Interactive Projector was installed in these classrooms. The EPSON EB-685Wi has useful features such as interactivity via speciality pens. This feature makes classroom lessons interesting and dynamic with each student able to directly connect with the lesson being taught. Additionally, the ultra short throw feature means that the image quality is perfect as the light and shadows in any room do not obstruct the image produced.

EPSON EB-685Wi Projector.

Two 15 Watt EPSON Quality Powered Speakers were also installed in the two classrooms to provide high-quality sound. This enhances the classrooms overall audio visual experience further. HDMI, USB, VGA and Audio inputs were also installed in order to connect old and new devices easily to the projector.

HDMI, USB, VGA and Audio inputs.

A 1.2 x 2.1m Vitreous Enamel Whiteboard was also installed in order to project the ultra clear projector image onto a crisp white backdrop. This installation will make the image produced by the EPSON projector pop.

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