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The full system at Star of the Sea

The full system at Star of the Sea

More interactivity for Star of the Sea learning spaces

For over 135 years, Star of the Sea College aims to provide a comprehensive, holistic education to young women. The curriculum and co-curricular programs at Star of the Sea are vibrant and varied, giving every young woman the opportunity to explore their interests and find their passions. Star of the Sea also fosters a learning environment that’s conducive to both academic excellence and is dedicated to the spiritual, academic, physical and creative development of each student. Young women are empowered and encouraged to be her best self, imbued with the belief that they are capable of pursuing and excelling at all opportunities presented to them.

DIB was engaged by Star of the Sea to improve the audiovisual systems inside three of their classrooms. Upon consultations with the college, DIB designed a system that hoped to improve the learning experience within each space.

The full system at Star of the Sea
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Installation process

In each classroom, an Epson EB-695Wi interactive projector was installed. User friendly and easy to use, students and teachers don’t need to worry about installing new drivers or calibrating the projector system: they can simply interact with the projections using their fingers or the special pens that come with the projector. This system can be used to create a more interesting, hands-on environment, where students feel more compelled to engage with the lesson. The projector also features 3,500 ANSI lumens of brightness output, creating bright, vibrant projections that is essential for interactivity.

To provide audio reinforcement inside each space, DIB installed an Epson 30W speaker system. With two 15W speakers, the speaker system can carry buzz-free, noise-free audio throughout the room. A 3.5mm audio input was also fitted, allowing users to connect their audio devices directly to the projector.

As DIB is big on simplicity, a JED (T460) four button control panel was fitted. These panels simplify the operation of the system by placing all of the system’s important functions in one central area, making them very easy to access. The panels were set up to include buttons that turn the system on and off, control the volume, and select the source to be displayed.

Similarly, DIB installed a USB input plate and a HDMI input plate for easy laptop connection. This allows users to display content directly from their laptop to the projector.

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