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Meeting Room Projector Upgrade for Melton Specialist School

Melton Specialist School is a small school that provides educational programs for students with disabilities. They provide a caring, safe, and friendly environment fr children, placing a constant focus on self-esteem and self-respect. A VCAL program is offered to senior students so that they can develop work-related and other practical skills.

The school approached DIB Australia for a meeting room projector upgrade. Audio visual upgrades are often vital as old equipment can end up being costly to maintain. This is aside from the sizeable improvements in user experience that can come from upgrading to modern technologies with greater functions and ease-of-use. This was certainly the case for the EPSON EB-1980WU that was installed by the DIB team into Melton Specialist College’s meeting room. This versatile projector is great for most meeting spaces. Like all EPSON projectors it boasts three times brighter colours than the offerings of leading competitors. The result is a high quality viewing experience with the 1980WU projecting a clear, easy-to-read display.

meeting room projector upgrade epson eb-1980

The new EPSON EB-1980WU projector system

The upgraded meeting room projector was installed with a JED T460 LCD control panel. As an alternative to remotes, control panels are great because they are less fiddly and cannot be lost or stolen. Instead of a clutter of unnecessary buttons like many remotes, the JED T460 has just four buttons that handle all the essentials in operating the AV system. This simplifies control over the new projector, allowing for anyone to hold a meeting and use the upgraded system simply and intuitively. The control panel’s LCD screen displays which state the system is in, including the source that has been selected. Again, this helps to provide clarity and ease of control over the system.

JED T460 control panel for meeting room projector system

The JED T460 four button LCD control panel

Two HDMI ports were installed on the meeting room table so that laptops can be easily connected to the projector with a single cable. VGA with audio inputs were also provided, allowing older models of laptops to also connect with the system even if they didn’t have HDMI ports.

Finally, an Apple TV was also supplied and included in the system by DIB. It brilliantly allows the display from any Apple device to be wirelessly mirrored onto the projector. This is a fast and hassle-free way of sharing content from an iPad, iPhone, or Macbook.

Designed and installed by the team at DIB Australia, this powerful, yet intuitive meeting room upgrade will allow the staff at Melton Specialist College to hold high quality meetings and take advantage of the benefits of technology.

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