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audiovisual installation

audiovisual installation

Keeping an eye on professional audiovisual installation

At DIB Australia, our clients trust us for the professional installation of high quality audiovisual systems.

We’ve been doing just that for over twenty years.

Over that time we’ve learnt a lot about the installation of audiovisual systems.

We know that the earlier you start thinking about the installation – even back to the design of the room itself – the better your project will be.

However at DIB, we don’t stop there.

We make sure there is great communication between the sales consultant and the technicians who install your equipment.  This ensures you get exactly what you wanted.

Every project has a step-by-step checklist – ensuring we cover off all the important items, in the right order.

This ensures that you will get a consistent high quality result from your system. It will also reduce post installation issues.

Installation of your audiovisual system is a reflection of the professionalism of our highly trained technicians. Our designers, and indeed our whole team, take pride in being the best at what we do. 

It is another reason why leading schools and organisations turn to DIB Australia for their audiovisual system requirements for boardrooms, classrooms and other spaces. 

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