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EPSON EB-1430Wi Interactive Projector

Classroom Upgrade for Rubicon Outdoors with Interactive Projector

Situated in the picturesque Rubicon Valley, the Rubicon Outdoors Centre delivers education programs to more than 3000 schools annually. The school places a focus on teaching leadership skills, personal development, and teamwork in addition to environmental studies. Learning takes place amidst a wealth of environmental experiences and adventurous activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, and even cross-country skiing. Naturally, this results in a unique experience that is as fun for students as it is practical.

Rubicon Outdoors Centre engaged DIB Australia for the installation of interactive projection solutions. The DIB team worked with the school to find modern projection technologies to complement their innovative and unique learning environment. With a curriculum built around providing an interactive, hands-on experience for students,it made sense that the school introduce further interactive technologies into the classroom.

Working together with the school, DIB Australia settled on two interactive projectors for their classrooms and one standard projector for a recreations room. The EPSON EB-1430Wi MeetingMate was chosen for Rubicon’s two classrooms. This interactive projection solution turns any surface into a versatile touch screen. The projector produces amazing detail, incredible colour and high brightness, ensuring the screen can be viewed by students from any angle. Importantly, the interactive projector lets students and teachers share and annotate content from multiple devices at once. For example, students can contribute to content shared from a teacher’s laptop on the interactive projector using iOS or Android tablets. The Epson EB-1430Wi Meeting Mate can also be used independent of a laptop, meaning groups of students are able to collaborate on the touch screen, brainstorm and share ideas and then easily save the annotations on a USB drive. All without the need to plug in a PC.

EPSON EB-1430Wi Interactive Projector

EPSON EB-1430Wi Interactive Projector

Teachers and students will find the interactive projector straightforward to use between the EB-1400 wall-mounted control panel and the projector’s remote control. Both devices are neatly designed for efficient and intuitive operation. Connection to the projector is quick and easy with the USB and HDMI input plate installed by the DIB team, along with the projector’s wireless connection capabilities.

EPSON EB-1400 control panel, and HDMI + USB input plate for interactive projector

EPSON EB-1400 control panel and HDMI + USB input plate

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