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Classroom Installations

EPSON EB-1430wi MeetingMate projector at IGS

EPSON EB-1430wi MeetingMate projector

IGS’ Ridgeway campus upgraded with new AV facilities

With an emphasis on academic rigour and excellence, Ivanhoe Grammar School (IGS) seeks to create a learning community where students are valued and encouraged to discover and develop their strengths, regardless of what their interests are. IGS puts the well-being of their students at the foreground, ensuring that students feel safe and supported whilst under their care. The school provides a wide range of different programs that cater to different areas of interests, such as performing visual arts and sport. These programs help students to develop their unique range of talents and gain an awareness and a sense of responsibility about their world.

IGS worked with the team at DIB to fit their Ridgeway Campus with new AV equipment. This involved upgrading the AV systems of 20 classrooms.

Installation process

As IGS is a valued client of DIB, DIB removed any old classroom equipment, such as a projector, old speakers or amplifiers, and recycled them on behalf of the school.

In one of the classrooms, an EPSON EB-1975W projector was installed. With WXGA resolution and 5000 ANSI lumens of brightness, the projector is capable of producing ultra-bright, high-quality images, making anything projected more eye-catching and captivating. This projector was installed with a motorised Grandview 120″ 16:10 Smartscreen.

EPSON EB-1975W projector at IGS

EPSON EB-1975W projector

In four of the classrooms, an EPSON EB-1430wi MeetingMate projector was installed. This interactive, multi-faceted projector is perfect for any classroom environment. With the ability to transform any wall, flat-surface or whiteboard into an interactive touchscreen, the projector allows students and teachers to write and annotate using their fingers or the ancillary pens. Much like the previous projector, the EB-1430wi’s WXGA resolution and 3300 ANSI lumens of output mean that its images are bright and vivid. This is furthered by the projector’s ultra short nature, meaning that shadows or glare that might reduce a display’s clarity is greatly reduced.

EPSON EB-1430wi MeetingMate projector at IGS

EPSON EB-1430wi MeetingMate projector

A big bulk of the refurbishment involved small updates to the AV system, including the following: installation of a HDMI input plate (which will allow users to connect their external devices); the reprogramming of existing JED (T460) four button LCD wall control panels to fit existing systems; and the installation and programming of a HD Fury3 adaptor, which allows for the conversion of HDMI to VGA for existing projectors. The HDFury3 allows DIB to program EDID signals, which ensure maximum reliability through the installation of an adapter rather than needing to purchase a new projector with a HDMI port.

HDMI input plate at IGS

HDMI input plate

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