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gymnasium projector system

Easy-to-use gymnasium projector system at Caulfield Grammar

You can either watch the video version of this blog, or read about it in the text below.

DIB were engaged to install a brand new dedicated projector system in the gymnasium at Calfield Grammar School’s Malvern campus. The school was previously dragging in a portable projector every time there was an event. The gymnasium space was used for assemblies, presentations, other gatherings and also by the PE department – the installation needed to account for this variety of uses.

The system had to have good performance, in a fairly bright space and provide inputs for the variety of devices while being simple to use. The bigger a projector screen is, the more it dilutes the light and reduces image performance. As such, DIB designed the installation with a screen size of 130” that was big enough for the space while also providing for a bright result

gymnasium projector appletv

The projector system using AppleTV

An Epson G7200 Projector was installed to provide this vibrant image. The DIB team equipped the projector with a long throw lens so that it could be installed in a cage on the other side of the gymnasium to be protected and out of the way. The projector screen was motorised so that it could be retracted when not in use

gymnasium projector system

The gymnasium projector system

The system also included upgraded speakers and a set of wireless microphones

One of DIB’s key aims with this installation was to ensure that the system would be easy for staff to control. As such, an Extron MLC62 control panel was installed. This is the the standard control panel across the school which meant that teachers would be comfortable and familiar with the interface for operating the new system. The panel was adapted by the DIB team to allow for audio on/off, so that if they want staff can choose to have only audio or only the projector image with no audio. This Extron panel provides a simple control interface and was coupled with an ICON control panel for the audio side of the system. The ICON panel lets staff choose which audio sources to use without having to worry about complicated mixers

Extron MLC62 control panel

Extron MLC62 control panel

ICON audio control panel

ICON audio control panel

There was a HDMI input in office, one in the hall itself, and AppleTV was also installed to provide for wirelss connection. Control panel was located in the office so that staff can restrict the system by locking the office

In all, DIB have created a projector setup which provides staff with great control over how the system is used within the space while delivering an impressive viewing experience.

Stay tuned for a video blog about this installation soon!

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