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Foodtech Camera System for St James College

St James College is a Catholic secondary school for boys located in Bentleigh East. The school is a past client of DIB and has long recognised the value of education technology in extending and developing learning opportunities. They have an iPad program from year 7 and incorporate high quality technology in most learning spaces. Computer literacy is an invaluable asset in modern times which is why it is so critical that schools embrace technology in the classroom. In accordance with this, St James College recently engaged DIB Australia for a variety of audio visual installations across the classrooms and foodtech rooms in their new building. This blog post will look at the foodtech room installation. Click here to read about the three classroom installs.

led panel foodtech camera system

An LED panel displaying a live feed from the stovetop camera

Camera systems have become a must-have addition to any modern foodtech or home economics room. Without cameras, a full class of students would have to crowd around the teacher’s bench in order to view demonstrations. The installation of HD cameras provides ALL students with a perfect view of the teacher’s actions, often from the comfort of their own workspaces. For this system, the DIB team mounted dual HD cameras from the ceiling. The system was designed with two cameras so that a detailed, high quality live feed can be displayed of either the teacher’s work bench and sink, or their stovetop. Switching between the two views was made easy by the installation of a footswitch. With the footswtich, teachers can quickly switch between the bench and stovetop cameras without having to stop what they’re doing.

footswitch for foodtech camera system

The teacher’s footswitch

ceiling mounted HD cameras

The dual ceiling-mounted HD cameras

The system then displays the live feeds across two LED displays. An AppleTV was connected to the dining space’s Full HD display, letting apple devices wirelessly display onto the screen. This is a fast and easy way for students with iPads or other Apple products to share their work and collaborate with one another.

led panel foodtech camera system

The second LED panel displaying a feed from the bench camera

Joey Micro 9 control panels were installed at the teacher’s bench and on the wall of the dining space. Each control panel was custom programmed by DIB to simplify use of the foodtech audio visual systems. Both featured buttons to choose from which camera video would be displayed, turning the system on and off, and selecting a source from the AppleTV, laptop, or PC inputs. Each button is accompanied by an LED light which helps to clarify which function is being performed.

joey micro 9 foodtech camera system

Joey Micro 9 at the teacher’s bench

joey micro 9 foodtech camera system

Wall-mounted Joey Micro 9 (click to enlarge)


Altogether, the DIB team have designed and installed an intuitive and easy-to-use audio visual system that will enhance the foodtech classroom. To read about DIB’s other installations at St James College’s new building, Click Here.

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