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foodtech camera system display lg 55LX341C

Foodtech AV Upgrade at Ivanhoe Grammar

Ivanhoe Grammar School is one of DIB’s longest clients. The team have worked with the school on countless projects across their campuses to ensure that their staff and students have access to the very best that education technology has to offer. On this occasion, DIB Australia were enlisted by Ivanhoe Grammar to design and install an audio visual upgrade in a foodtech room at the Ridgeway campus.

Overall, the upgrades involved the installation of a camera system which displayed a live feed of the teacher’s workbench and stovetop on a LED monitor. The team also installed a new speaker system and control panel.

Two cameras weer installed above the teacher preparation bench  and the stove top. These were the HD cameras which are normally used in our DiscoveryLab systems and work to provide students with a crystal clear view of the teacher’s actions and instructions. Instead of having a whole class crowd around the teacher’s workbench, jostling to get an incomplete view, these foodtech camera systems allow every student to easily view teacher demonstrations from the comfort of their own spaces.

Dual HD DiscoveryLab foodtech cameras

Dual HD foodtech cameras

Everything the cameras captured as displayed on a LG 55″ 55LX341C monitor. It sports a sleek design and provides for a great viewing experience with vibrant colours. The DIB team installed a footswitch below the teacher workbench so that the teacher could toggle between which camera’s feed was being displayed without having to stop what they’re doing.

LG 55" 55LX341C display

LG 55″ display

For when  staff may want to connect their laptop to the new 55″ display, a HDMI wall plate was installed and the room’s existing VGA input was also configured with the new system. Next to these inputs, the team installed a JED T460 four button wall control panel. This provides for simple control over the system with buttons for turning the system on and off, adjusting volume, and selecting sources. The panel also includes a small LCD screen which helps to clarify which state the system is in and what function is being controlled.

JED T460 LCD control panel for foodtech system

JED T460 control panel

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