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EPSON EB-595Wi interactive projector installation

EPSON EB-595Wi Projectors Accelerate Engagement and Collaboration at Kingsbury Primary

Kingsbury Primary School is a small school celebrating over 50 years of quality education. Kingsbury utilises technology in the classroom with a netbook program for students Grade 3 and above. They engaged the team at DIB Australia for the installation of two interactive projectors for a classroom and meeting room. Interactive projectors are of substantial benefit to schools, helping to create more engaging and collaborative lessons and meetings.

In both the classroom and the meeting room EPSON EB-595Wi interactive projectors were supplied and installed by DIB. The EB-595Wi is favoured by many schools for its finger touch capability. The addition of a small sensor above the whiteboard gives students and teachers the option to interact with the projector using their finger instead of a special pen. This simplifies operation of the projector and makes interacting feel more intuitive and natural. Altogether the projector can support up to 4 touches simultaneously between fingers and the special pens, facilitating collaboration between teachers and students.

EPSON EB-595Wi interactive finger touch projector meeting room install

The EPSON EB-595Wi interactive finger touch projector in Kingsbury Primary’s meeting room

The projector comes with an ultra short throw design. This means that it sits above the projection surface (in this case the whiteboard) and projects directly down onto it. Traditional projectors without an ultra short throw can result in shadows being cast to disrupt the image by teachers or students as they present. Similarly, presenters may have to deal with annoying glare from traditional projector designs as they look out to the class. With ultra short throw projectors, these issues are eliminated by having the device mounted close to the wall above the whiteboard.

HDMI, USB, and VGA + audio inputs for epson eb-595wi

HDMI, USB, and VGA + audio input wall plates

HDMI and VGA + audio wall plates were installed by the DIB team for the video and audio aspect of the projector system. This was to ensure that all kinds of laptops would be compatible with the system, regardless of how old or new they were. This is important in many school where a variety of different technologies are used in the classroom with differing laptops between teachers and students.

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