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Epson EB-595Wi interactive projector system

Mill Park Heights Facilitates Collaboration with Epson Interactive Projector

Located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Mill Park Heights Primary School boasts a welcoming community and experienced teaching staff. The school was undertaking an exciting $6 million dollar upgrade. DIB Australia were brought in to handle some of the audio visual aspects of this upgrade. This blog post will look at the installation of an interactive projector in the school’s IT lab and the benefits of this educational technology.

After the school got in contact, a DIB consultant designed the audio visual solution, working closely with Mill Park Heights to assess what the school wished to achieve with the installation and which products would be most effective in the space. The subsequent installations featured an Epson EB-595Wi interactive projector. This projector comes perfectly equipped for use in the classroom environment. It creates a bright and sharp image and is highly reliable, coming with a 3 year warranty.  The EB-595Wi truly shines thanks to its finger touch technology, allowing teachers and students to interact with the projector using their fingers. In this way, the educational technology literally turns any whiteboard into a giant touchscreen, for more natural and intuitive use. Interactive projectors have become a must-have item in many classrooms as they encourage greater collaboration between students and provide teachers with the ability to make lessons more dynamic and engaging.

VGA and HDMI input wall plates for interactive projector system

VGA and HDMI input wall plates

The DIB team installed HDMI and VGA + audio input plates for connecting laptops to the projector system along with a USB port for the projector’s interactive function. HDMI is the modern format, letting video and audio transmit via a single cable in higher quality. VGA is still valuable to allow for older devices which may not support HDMI. Teachers could also connect to the projector wirelessly, with the inclusion of an Epson wireless LAN adapter.

JED T430 wall control panel

JED T430 wall control panel

A simple JED T430 two-button control panel was installed with a button for on and off. Instead of teachers having to stand on chairs to reach the projector, they can conveniently turn the entire system on and off from the wall control panel. It also lights up to do away with the guesswork as to whether the projector system is starting up or not.

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