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EB-595Wi Interactive Projectors Installed for Viewbank Primary

VIewbank Primary School’s motto ‘Love Of Learning, Learning For Life’ gives a great idea of the school’s fantastic values. Throughout its 50 years of history the school has provided a caring and supportive atmosphere for its students to blossom. Their expertly designed curriculum allows students to participate in a variety of programs from sport to performing arts, to ensure a holistic learning experience.

Like all modern schools, Viewbank Primary is embracing the wonders of eLearning and technology in the classroom. As such, the school came to DIB Australia wanting to fit out four classrooms with state-of-the-art school interactive projectors. Our DIB Audio Visual consultant worked closely with the school to assess their needs and settle on the right model of projector. Consequently, the EPSON EB-595Wi interactive projector was chosen to be installed in each of the classrooms. The EB-595Wi is great for any modern classroom with its feature-rich, education-focused design. The projector boasts finger touch capabilities. This means that as an alternative to using the special pens provided, users can interact with the projector using just their fingers. Teachers and students can collaborate and annotate together with the EB-595Wi supporting up to six simultaneous touches at once. These features mean that using the projector is natural and intuitive. Multitouch also lets teachers and students use rotate and pinch-to-zoom functions just as they would on their smartphone or tablet.

EPSON EB-595Wi interactive projector

EPSON EB-595Wi interactive projector

The projector produces a bright and wide display that is easy to view while remaining compact and unobtrusive with its ultra short throw design. Made especially for use in schools, the EB-595Wi comes with tools made for teachers. These capabilities allow multiple devices to be connected to a single projector and be displayed together. For example, students can wirelessly connect their laptops to the EB-595Wi and the teacher can then project up to four simultaneously. This is perfect for sharing and comparing work.

DIB Australia installed a range of inputs for each projector, allowing users to connect wirelessly or using USB, HDMI, and VGA. This means that any teacher or student will be able to make use of the EB-595Wi regardless of how new or old their device is. This broad connectivity is important to support the wide variety of laptops and tablets that find themselves in use across a school.

HDMI, USB, and VGA with audio wall panel connections for EB-595Wi

HDMI, USB, and VGA with audio wall panel connections

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